Home Elevators

Can You Install a Home Elevator in an Existing Home?

If your home did not come with an elevator, you may wonder whether you can get one installed. Is it possible to add a home elevator when the space did not account for this upgrade? How much work will it [...]

Signs Your Home Elevator Needs Repair

No machine will function perfectly forever. Like any other tool, your home elevator will require assistance from time to time. But how do you gauge when it has a real problem and when it’s just settling or has a squeaky [...]

Who Invited the First Home Elevator?

Today, we see elevators in people’s homes and hardly give them a second thought. They’ve become a practical and expected part of the scenery in a growing number of homes.┬áBut how did these remarkable machines come about? Let’s explore the [...]

Aging in Place Home Improvement Ideas

Growing old in your home has become a dream for many Americans. With the Baby Boomers creeping past retirement age, lots of people are looking for ways they or their parents can modify their homes in order to grow older [...]

Do I Need Annual Home Elevator Maintenance?

As more and more people choose to enjoy the convenience of an elevator in their home, they also start asking the same question: Do they need annual home elevator maintenance? The short answer to that question is yes. The better [...]

Home Elevator Maintenance Checklist

Do you have an elevator in your home? To ensure it continues to run properly, you need to practice home elevator maintenance just as you would for a car. Think of it as preventative care. If you can spot a [...]

Home Elevator vs. Stair Lift

Many homes have more than one level, and most of them require climbing up and down the stairs to access those levels. Unfortunately, not everyone can manage this movement. Whether your home includes someone in a wheelchair or you have [...]