How to Help Your Loved Ones Age in Place

Watching a loved one get older is never easy. However, having to watch them age in a facility rather than the home they love simply makes a difficult situation harder. Unfortunately, for many people, the needs of their elderly loved [...]

7 Rules of Elevator Etiquette

Most adults realize that every environment—be it the workplace, a restaurant, or even a taxi cab—has its own set of best practices and rules to follow. These rules are typically followed to ensure that everyone stays safe, comfortable, and moves [...]

Why Residential Elevators Are Worth It

Purchasing and installing a residential elevator can appear, at first glance, to be a sizeable investment, both in space and in money. That’s fair because it’s true: owning an elevator and having it installed takes time, resources, and space. One [...]

Why Choose a Residential Elevator?

Residential elevators have many different functions, but ultimately they serve to make your life at home comfortable and more convenient. Still, many people may not realize just how much of an investment residential elevators can be—not from a financial standpoint, [...]

5 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

Homeowners have to be forward thinking these days. Building upon and improving your home’s value can make selling it down the road much easier, and more profitable. In the age of unstable housing markets, it’s important to follow good maintenance [...]

Mobility in your Home!

Meeting the Needs of Your Family Today, Brendan Kirby hit the road meeting Bill and Linda Bohmbach from Home Healthsmith so that we could see firsthand how this great local company is helping people  stay in their homes after an [...]

Inclinator Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement With Serenity

The Inclinator Company of America is happy to announce that it has entered into an Exclusive Distribution Agreement (EDA) with Serenity Health Care Products Inc. of Toronto, ONT, CA, a manufacturer of Vertical Platform Lifts and Vertical Platform Lift Elevators. This EDA [...]

Universal Control System in Elevator World Magazine

This Product Spotlight details an inclusive system meant to save money while adding varied features. by Lee Freeland in July 2016 issue of Elevator World Magazine Inclinator Co. of America’s UC601 Universal Control System is intended to be an inexpensive product that is [...]

Inclinator Company of America Welcomes Two Key Employees to Leadership Team

The Inclinator Company of America is proud to announce the appointment of two key members to their leadership team. Cliff Warner and Jennifer Jeffcoat recently joined Inclinator, serving to assist the company in critical capacities during this period of growth. [...]

7 Reasons to get a Home Elevator

Times have changed and home elevators are no longer simply for the elderly or rich and famous. The cost of materials have decreased significantly, and with innovations in the industry, residential elevators are becoming more and more of a practical [...]