Elevette Machine Room Home Elevator

Inclinator® Elevette®: America’s “most” in so many ways.

No other home elevator comes with more choices, options and customization features. There’s no disputing the fact that there are more Inclinator Elevette elevators in homes across America than any other brand. The first place to start your elevator design is by selecting the drive system.

Inclinator Elevette Machine Room Elevator is available in two drive systems:

Available in four car styles plus any custom design you can imagine:

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Start with any car style then customize the shape, size, materials, finish and accessories … read more


Powder-coated extruded aluminum frame with acrylic panels … read more


Solid wood with hardwood veneer raised or recessed center panels … read more


Smooth hardwood veneer walls with crown, chair, picture (below chair) and baseboard molding … read more


Smooth hardwood veneer walls with square, flush corners … read more

Then start customizing.